Sunday, December 31, 2017

Happy New Year for 2018 which is fast approaching.  I am still around, doing different things, and continuing to learn and taking steps in my relationship with God.

This blog is to introduce a friend and fellow God follower, Gina.

Rather than try to explain what she does so very well, from my perspective, I am going to share links for you to research and make that determination.  As this blog's purpose continues to be A Tidbit.  Not intended to be lengthy.

First link is:

Second link on Facebook is:  into the Waters Prayer Ministry

Third you may find her in Instagram, as I'm not there.

Hopefully one of these links will help you with your travels, intensions, questions, validations and anything else as you perhaps take a few steps to find God or continue along the path you are on.

And, yes.  There are many people who state they are Christians, only to do something that greatly puts that into question.  There are many who are continuing to sincerely take steps to walk closer and closer with God.

And, if not already, my suggestion for this blog is find a group of Christians studying the bible and join them.  It truly does help to stay connected all while asking question, supporting and be accountable to each other.


Monday, November 16, 2015

I was so very sorry to first learn of the loss of so many people.   Then to hear of Benjamin, and a husband and father and a son and a daughter. Not personally known.  Known through your sharing the love you have for each of them, and I thank you very much.  All are unique children of God.  So very special.

Loss is difficult any time; however, when it is deliberate and it makes no sense it can be much more difficult and painful.

There is so much hate in the world, yet.........

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.  Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that."  Martin Luther King, Jr.

My prayers are with you all.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

A Slow Fade

Life goes on - the seasons change and many do not notice - when a slow fade begins to happen.......... It can begin with a grumble, a sneeze, pride overcomes - a small little speck begins to grow and permeates as each day, week, month passes.

It seems that fading is easy, to return, more difficult. Just realized my last post was June, 2013.  It seems like yesterday in many ways.

Slow fades effect so much.  It can create impatience, indifference uncertainty with creations, relationships, jobs, hobbies, possessions, health, etc.

Have you faded or are you beginning to fade in some way?  Some fades are healthy and beneficial.  Hanging around the internet too long? Driving too slow too fast?  Doing something too this or too that?  Too much Candy Crush, perhaps. Too many carbohydrates?

Winters are long - spring arrives.  What a wonderful time to begin to assess and awake as the grass uncovers with snow melting, flowers and leaves beginning to open.  Dusting off - taking attendance and all things can be new again.

Begin, forgive yourself stretch, shower -- and take the next step, then the next, then....

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Red Light Cameras

Recently saw an article that an attorney got a "red light camera" ticket for going through a red light.  He is going to use his attorney "muscle" to fight it.

Curious if thoughts are out there for or against these devices.
It has been awhile for a post.  All of the prior ones have been through God, as they took minutes to write and post.  This one is more thought provoking and more from me personally.  

Perhaps the attorney has a personal reason for "fighting" it.  Maybe he does not want to get caught again, or believes it could be a revenue stream defending others.

And, the beauty of this is that it is a free country and people can do and say whatever they chose with relative ease. 

I am commenting on this topic because I know a few people who have been severely injured or seriously shaken with drivers traveling through red lights.

This does speak to me about what motivates people to take a stand.

What motivates you to speak out and take a stand? 

Sunday, March 31, 2013


Good Morning -- Happy Happy Easter and all that this brings.  Spring - an awareness, things new and things new again, good food, family and friends, love, hope, and my wish and prayer for you all is to believe. 

Up early this Easter Sunday, as singing in choir today.  If you happen to be there, and can, please, say hello.

Happy, Happy Easter!!!!!!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Newbie Vegans and Veterans

Beginning anything can be daunting.  Think of things that you believe you will miss the most.  Perhaps sandwiches, pizza, or ....

Here is a brief list of thoughts and products that I have found to be helpful.

"Lunch meat"  Tofurky Peppered
Rice Cheese - many flavors also melts well.
Colorado Cracked Wheat Bread
Soy milk, coconut milk or other alternative, add choc. to slowly adjust.
Frozen soy meatballs with sauce add broccoli and/or.

Find a local natural food store -- locally Lori's Natural Foods and there are others here.
Farmer's Markets

Watch local PBS station for cooking shows, Christina Cooks for example.

Most important thing I learned is to simply begin and be kind and patient with self.  Not to be concerned initially with calories, pay attention to nutrition.  Coconut oil has lots and lots of fat, would suggest be very cautious there.

And, see comments from others with much more experience than I. Also, loving this and likely will not return.

And, so happy to be back.  A presentation has not been scheduled, book is a fledgling.  Thank you all for following, and to God goes the credit and the glory.

Please feel free to share as this is a blog which flows with need - perhaps share recipes.

A hiatus was taken, due to technical difficulties

Learning to relax, step away from electronics, and unhinge are all things I have been doing since the computer took another unplanned hiatus.

Spring, my favorite season, is almost here.  All things are renewed, refreshed, brighter and alive and new again.
I continue to take steps to walk with God.  And, as a human continue to make mistakes, be impatient, etc.

Oh, also doing something completely different. I am eating a vegan diet.  The initial two weeks, of adjustment, learning, being hungry, crabby and doing research was admittedly horrible.  The future is brighter, as finding things that are actually extremely good.  And, so very much appreciate and applaud those who have walked this path before and created products, recipes, and opened stores.  People are sharing their experiences and ideas to make it much more fun.

Where is everyone now, and it is wonderful to return.  Please send questions, thoughts, share experiences, ideas, needs.  In essence what is happening out there?